Stock Trading Principles


Best Top Stocks holds by the following stock trading principles:

  1. Keep It Simple - Although the stock analysis is complex the stock trading should be simple. Therefore all picks on this site are for long positions.
  2. Know how to buy stocks - If you don't know why you are taking a position in a stock, you will pick up lots of losing stocks.
  3. Know when to sell stocks - If you don't know when you are going to sell a stock, then you will be holding more losers than winners.
  4. Know your stock trading weaknesses - If you aren't sure about a position, you will lose money trading stocks more often than make money.
  5. Know the stocks trading history - History is too expensive a lesson to ignore. Stock markets work in cycles and the wheel constantly turns. Last years stock market darlings are this years stock market nightmares. Last years losers are this years winners. Don't be the last one to find out about a winner. The cycle might already be over.
  6. Enjoy reading stock market related books and articles - Winning stock traders devour stock market reading material and are always seeking more stock market knowledge.
  7. Sometimes, inactivity is the key to profitable stock trading.