Stock Analysis Books

This page contains a list of stock market related books covering technical analysis, fundamental analysis, stock market timing, stock market psychology, overall stock analysis, stock chart analysis, and more.

Author Title
Ben Franklin The Autobiography
Benjamin Graham The Interpretation of Financial Statements
Benjamin Graham The Intelligent Investor
David Dreman Contrarian Investment Strategy
Donald Cassidy It's Not What Stocks You Buy, It's When You Sell That Counts
Edward Chancellor Devil take the Hindmost
Edwards & Magee Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
Edwin Lefevre Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Fred Schwed Where are the Customers Yachts?
Humphrey B. Neill Tape Reading and Market Tactics
Humphrey B. Neill The Art of Contrary Thinking
Humphrey B. Neill The Ruminator
Janet Lowe Benjamin Graham on Value Investing
Jesse Livermore, Richard Smitten How to Trade in Stocks
John Rothchild The Bear Book
Justin Mamis How to Buy
Justin Mamis When to Sell
Philip Carret A Money Mind at Ninety
Philip Carret The Art of Speculation
R. W. Mcneel Beating the Stock Market
Richard Smitten Jesse Livermore - Worlds Greatest Stock Trader
Roger Lowenstein When Genius Failed